Father suggests: Enrico Gasparotto (Giro)


When I had my father on the phone, we mainly talked about 2 things:


First - he told me that my ‘Joost’ didn’t work. Since my father embraced the web, I suggest new initiatives for him to test. I explained him there were a lot of new content distribution platform on the web, such as Joost, babelgum or brightcove - but overnight it became 'MyJoost'. All the things that didn’t work perfect have become My – such as MyBelgacomTV (he had a point there as I had been busy 50percent of my time once to put belgacomtv in the market), MyBittorent, My xxx (replace xxx by everything that I recommended but that didn’t work flawlessly) but surprisingly enough it is not MyGoogle or MyPod (he is probably very happy with that). Guess it’s a father-son thing. For all of us sons ;-)
Just FYI: Joost is an interesting tv distribution platform that is preparing a public launch, but it had indeed a couple of hick-ups these last days


Secondly - he told me to watch again the opening stage (a team race against time) of the Giro d’Italia. Enrico Gasparotto, a quite unknown (but very talented IMO) team mate of Danilo Di Luca (one of the favourites to win the Giro), wore the leader jersey. And it was great to see: normally the team leader (Di Luca in this case) comes as first over the white line in teamchronos, so that he is first in the general classification. You saw Di Luca screaming at Enrico Gasparotto to slow down and let him go first, but he pretended not to hear anything, ended first and yep: won the first pink jersey.


He told afterwards that he didn’t realize, but I know better. He read my previous post, and projected himself at 70 looking back at his life. He had the choice between being the faithful helper that cycled all his life in service of Di Luca, or pretend not to know what happened, get over the finish first and be(come) a pink jersey leader. One of the great honours for Italian cyclists. I saw already him showing off in his Toscana house to his grandchildren: ‘look here – an old picture of your grandfather when he was first in the Giro d”italia’. I saw him thinking:’ it is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven’. Look at this picture: does he look like he feels very bad? :-) And just for the record: I am not judging, just describing.


Enrico Gasparotto will have had and continue to have a tough discussion with his team or at least with The Manager of Di Luca – but I saw on his face, and I am sure he would do it again. Any time. For the sake of being able to tell his grandchildren some stories at his Toscana hill house.





What a fascinating weeks it have been. Even during my free days, femke found me studying, discussing, trying out and getting a grip on new media. From understanding the strategic directions in radio to gaming, from freetv to pay-tv, from new web to renewed web. Besides that, the cultural, usage and media differences between the Benelux, the Nordics, Eastern Europe or Greece are fascinating.


This week it is the yearly mipcom and milia fair, and not unsurprisingly the focus was very much on new media. There was a lot of talks about technology, but even more how to bring great content in an intriguing way. Or how to convince viewers to become users, and vice versa. Yep, everyone wants “viewsers”.


I had some good discussions, with all kind of persons. Thanks to the one guys I had a discussion with Joseph Jaffe – who wrote an interesting book named “life after the 30 second spot”. I don’t necessarily agree with all he says – and I actually think he doesn’t either - but he has some interesting views. But Cannes saw the arrival of Joost, Bablegum and other P2P platforms, Endemol, Fremantle and BBC presented interactive and digital formats and concepts – and some doubt arose related to the relevance of IPTV. Last year a hype, this year nearly a footnote. Good to see that Belgium does great – I once spent a lof (A LOT) of time to launch BelgacomTV, a bit unfortunate their speech got cancelled this week.


Everyone is embracing the digital world. Finally.


And one interesting and recurring notion: experimenting is back in town, and that’s a great ignite for innovation!