Moving on


Dear all,

it had to happen one day. I have moved to www.flyingchaz.com

hope to see you there.


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Pukkelpop is amazing


For the last 20 years, I think this is the first year that I could not attend the entire 3 day festival.
I had a workshop abroad on day1 of the festival, and friday required me to finalise some files, calls and some rather urgent work to be done before the week-end.

So in order to be able to go in the afternoon of day2 and all of day3, I pulled a near all-nighter (think I put my computer asleep at 4.30am on Thursday night) and started again around 7.30 am Friday morning.
 But so glad I did.

That said – Pukkelpop is every year again an amazing festival, not only because it resides in wonderful Limburg, but there are so many performances on 8 stages that each year again I discover new music.
This year I ‘lived’ mainly around the Dance hall.

My favourites of Pukkelpop 2007:
Goose, Sonic Youth, Casius, Justice, parts of Arcade Fire, parts of Sophia, (very small) parts of Tool, parts of the Shins, Felix da housecat, Juliette Lewis & the licks

Smashing Pumpkins, TrenteMoller, Cocorosie, The Streets, Spoon, Kings of Leon 

Things I wish I had seen (heard people raving but didn’t know them or choose something different):
Patrick Wolf, Loney Dear, Hanne Huckelberg, NineInchNails, Almond Hammer Jr 
No links – just google, youtube or myspace them. 

best of the Festival:
Jan, Jeroen, Aksel en Martine, Luc en Arianne, Lex, Mango en Wendy, Wim, Marc en Marianne, Michel, Clo, Stephanie, Peter, Gunther, Stijn, and so many many others I talked, laughed and (god forbid) even danced with. Only my little Femke wasn’t there this year. 

See you next year. See you every year. 11 months and 29 days to go to enter the perfect world again.

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Jeff Buckley

Today Belgium (amongst other countries) celebrates Jeff Buckley with a concert ‘an evening without Jeff Buckley’. Although he tragically sailed into his death at the age of 23, Mr. Jeff Buckley had a huge impact on many of us. His voice danced between strength and fragility, pulling all of us into his heart and mind reaching music.


In one of today’s newspaper, Stef Kamil Karlens talked about him. I had the pleasure of talking a bit with Stef Kamil and his partner Laurence, and they made me think. For me, Stef is not only one of the most gifted musicians Belgium has ever had, but also one of the most giving. There is so much warmth in him, and it reflects on all around him. Much like Jef, and if I wouldn’t be on this plane to New York, I would definitely be in Ghent at the Night w/o Jeff Buckley where Zita Swoon will also be playing.


It reminds me also of my wedding with my Femke. At the city hall, we were aloud to play some music. And the 2 pieces we had that afternoon at the magic Grand Place in Brussels (everyone that lives in 1000 Brussels must marry there, before you get any wrong ideas) where we played Jacques Brel, Hallelujah from Jeff Buckley (a cover from the great Leonard Cohen) and Victory from Daan.


I must be somewhere in the middle between London and NY now – and although I managed to forget my iPod, I fortunately had backup all my songs on a portable hard disc, and am now near tears in my eyes listening to Buckley’s Grace.


Goodnight everyone. Goodnight Femmie. Goodevening NY!



Hungarian grandeur

Over the last weeks I’ve been in many of the European capitals, but a city that never seizes to surprise me is Budapest.


It may be the mix of the classic and hip, the beauty of the city, the Donau that splits the city in 2 joint capitals, the Turkish baths or the overviewing castle, the majestic opera or maybe the wonderful food (especially when cooked by Gabor J, inside joke).


But the thing that surprises me most is the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hungarians. Take the internet for example. Hungary has the second mover advantage. The internet growth has come later, but the technology is more advanced. This also means that they don’t have old (web1.0) systems to keep updated, but most is reflected in a customer centric way, with emphasis on broadband.


Our own team is developing great services, but in general Hungary may become one of the trendsetters. Broadband internet, 3rd generation mobile services and IPTV: it’s all there and happening.


I feel an incredible will, a sparkling creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude that may be one of the advantages in the future.


To be watched. Closely.

Szeretem ezt az országot!!



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