Zita Swoon in Amsterdam

Sunday April 1 - Zita Swoon conquered the Paradiso in Amsterdam. Even if the sound wasn’t perfect – the show swings, moves, rock and all in a funky way. World music at its best, hell – it got even me dancing for about 2 hours. Ever since Moondog Jr I’m a fan.


The day before I had started by bike in Brussels to get to Amsterdam in 2 days, but fortunately I felt quickly that I didn’t have more that 150km in my legs. Wind fully ahead for about 250km is too much for me. I know pretty much my limits, and even if I decide to surpass them now and then, but this was too much. Fortunately I felt it after 60km, but had some road ahead back then. Wind in the back, it went a lot easier. Eric however did it – an admiring “chapeau”.


After the concert a drink with the band and some friends, and yes: Stef Kamil is a really cool guy, and he has an amazing memory… damn. The next day the entire band had a lunch at fifteen in Amsterdam just next to the SBS offices. I like fifteen and it’s concept a lot! Fortunately the food was great (or all my future recommendations would be bading in skepticism) – and our discussions went from cycling to art to music to Amsterdam and Brussels and Antwerp to Roskilde to … It was clear however that I was the only one at table who had worked already for half a day J Femmie wasn’t there though, so were going to see them at motel moziek in Rotterdam as well.


Anyway – Zita Swoon concert, go see as it wasn’t a one shot here in Amsterdamthe AB in Brussels seemed just as great. And if you want to have a taste of it, go to the (btw fantastic!) fabchannel.com site and play around.