Immortal beloved

A reflecting afternoon. I love to read, surf, listen some music and think. Just think. Suddenly I felt like dvd’ing ‘Immortal beloved’, Bernard Rose’s movie with Gary Oldman playing Ludwig von Beethoven’s life and love. And while writing this, I’m having Beethoven’s third (‘the eroica’) on my iPod.


I love Beethoven. You may or may not know, but for some years I studied classical music history... Beethoven awakens each time my passion for romanticism. Beethoven and Goethe were probably earliest to convince that art can be about feelings, doubt, joy or any other emotion. Art can be about ourselves, not just about others, not just about landscapes, castles, emperors – but about our opinion, love, despair or undefined sensitivity for these objects and persons. For quite some time I reflected about ratio and emotion, and have discussion with 2 close friends (hey Rudy and Jean-Louis!). Some say ratio should always prevail. I don’t agree. Passion may be dangerous. But passion also makes us worthwhile. I makes us fragile, it allows us to be human. For others, but also for ourselves. I believe in the right balance of passion and ratio. Not as a compromise, but as a co-living. I’m not sure yet, and will never be, but hey – I believe some doubt would do us all some good.


Romanticism meant for me also the constant opposition between wanting to discover and see the world, and immediate realization that this is impossible. Sehnsucht & Weltschmerz. This creates the highest joy and the deepest grief – and thus the ability to discover emotional intensity.


I love Beethoven. I love romanticism.

Romanticism was our fight against the domination of pure rationalization, and to place human emotion first. We are who we are. No fooling anyone but ourselves, only we judge ourselves.




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