tindersticks - archiduc improvista

Friday afternoon. 20h30. Danny, a close (and all the time closer) friend of mine sent me an sms: ‘stuart staples (tindersticks) plays an improvised concert in the archiduc”. I live a couple of meters away of my favorite Archiduc, and always open for a surprise, so ask back “when?”. NOW!


I was nearby talking with another friend of mine, so went to the Archiduc. Magical. Beautiful. This is Brussels. This is why I love the city. Brussels, Europe’s Washington DC, but with an incredible soul!


And it made me think. You’d expect a touring group to be tired of playing. But not these guys, not stuart staples. Due to the mine disasters in Poland, their trip to Warsaw was cancelled. They could go out, sleep, do whatever. And they decide to play for a crowd of 100 people for free in a bar in the center of Brussels. Because they feel like it. The power of passion.


Let’s do a survey: how many people would go to work if they’d get no money for it ? 20%? 10%? 1%? Happiness – the world’s only treasure that cannot be bought, it’s earned by true belief…